Jernej is very patient and friendly. He gave my son, Daniel a great encouragement in studying the clarinet. Let him love to learn the clarinet. Thank you, Jernej

Ming, parent

Jill Valentine is a stunning teacher. She plays the viola so well. Throughout my lessons Jill encourages me and let’s me go at my own pace whilst gently pushing me. I get pieces and scales done in no time! Jill also has mini concerts where many of her students perform and we have a lot of fun. Before my exam I felt totally prepared as Jill had made sure of that! Jill is an exquisite and wonderful person and teacher and I highly recommend her to you!

Myah, age 10

Dear Jill, Thank you for teaching me how to play the violin. I have a great time learning with you and really enjoy playing!

Tim, age 9

“Our 10 year old daughter has enjoyed fantastic violin teaching with Jill who has provided insightful, patient tuition that has inspired her to reach a new level in her playing. Jill’s teaching combines detailed technical input with attention to musicality which has helped our daughter master new techniques and improve her confidence.”

Adrian, parent

Jernej is a very engaging teacher and has re-enthused me after years of not playing the clarinet.

William, adult learner

Excellent experience with Lammas Green Music Studio! I am learning the clarinet with Jernej, and he is an amazing teacher: very patient, flexible and positive, he really pushes us to trust ourselves and feel more confident, as well as building a strong basis. I strongly recommend more music students to try his method!

Honorine, adult learner

Jill has been teaching me how to play the violin for the past three months. Some of the most important things she has taught me is how to practice, to have confidence in my ability, as well as not to underestimate persistence and consistency. I genuinely look forward to every lesson and hope to continue my journey with Jill for a very long time.

Maria, adult learner

I have known Jernej since I took the clarinet for the first time. His teaching method is wonderful and inspirational. The classes are great fun as he brings new ideas and techniques all the time. He encourages me with positive feedback all the time. After each class, he follows up with a written email with the main points from the session. Very professional and likeable.

Javier, adult learner

I am an older “improving” viola player being taught by Jill. She is a reliable, efficient and an excellent teacher. My on-line lessons are well structured and enjoyable. Jill is encouraging me to be a more reflective player as well as re-establishing a good technique. I get email feedback and homework after every lesson. I am so encouraged and can’t wait to practice every day!

Isabel, adult learner

“Jernej is a brilliant clarinettist and teacher. He has helped me pinpoint my weakness and has encouraged me to play the music that I enjoy. He has helped me improve the cohesion of my playing by coming up with specific warm-up exercises and by giving me ways of approaching tricky passages. For every fault in my playing he will come up with a way to tackle it, resulting in rapid improvements in my playing. He never fails to send a follow up email after each lesson detailing my next steps, helping me to keep my own practice sessions focused. But most of all it is just great to have such an inspiring musician be your teacher as there is nothing more motivating than that.”

Kirsty, age 18

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