Online lessons

We continue to offer new and existing students the option of online video tuition. This gives you flexibility so you can continue learning from your suitable location or would like to meet with us during a particular week that you are not available for an in-person lesson.

How video lessons work

Lesson length

  • 60 minutes for adults and older children
  • 30 minutes for children younger than 9*
  • *45-minute option reserved for 8-10 year old students at our discretion.

Software recommendations

We will connect using the video conferencing platform Zoom, which works ideally for music online tuition. You will receive an invitation to a meeting from us via email and use the meeting ID number and password in that email to enter the meeting.

We also recommend that students have the enable original sound option (in Zoom’s advanced audio settings) toggled on for lessons. This improves the sound quality and makes it as accurate to live sound as possible. The use of an external microphone and a speaker is highly recommended.

We always teach from our home using out fast and reliable broadband connection. We recommend that you use the ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi and minimise the workload on your server during the lesson, as the connection is more reliable that way.

With these guidelines, you can help us give you the most constructive feedback.

Lesson structure and materials

We will focus on the same aspects as we would in an in-person lesson: warm-ups, ear training and rhythmic activities, scales, repertoire, and music theory. The teacher will always have their instrument at hand to demonstrate and assist the student.

Before the designated start time of each lesson, students are to send a scan or photo of the following pages in their books:

  • Their scales for the week
  • Their repertoire for the week
  • Any other etudes or exercises

In addition to these, students may also be assigned to submit a video recording of a scale, study or piece of repertoire for us to review before the following lesson. We dedicate a portion of that lesson to giving feedback and improving on elements demonstrated in the recording. In the case that a student is asked to submit a recording, this must be done at least 2 hours before the lesson start time so we have time to review the video and prepare our feedback.

I am an older “improving” viola player being taught by Jill. She is a reliable, efficient and an excellent teacher. My on-line lessons are well structured and enjoyable. Jill is encouraging me to be a more reflective player as well as re-establishing a good technique. I get email feedback and homework after every lesson. I am so encouraged and can’t wait to practice every day!

Isabel, Adult Learner

Fees and Cancellation

Our video lesson fees are the same as an in-person lesson at our home.

  • £45 for 60 minutes
  • £37.50 for 45 minutes (if applicable)
  • £30 for 30 minutes (discounted to £50 per hour with two 30 minute students back to back)

Fees must be paid before the start time of the lesson.

The 24-hour cancellation policy stands as it does for normal lessons, meaning lessons cancelled within 24 hours of their start time will still need to be paid for.

If you are interested in online tuition, please visit our contact page.

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