At Lammas Green Music Studio we aim to foster a love for music in students of all ages and abilities. In addition to being a universal emotional language, music has technical aspects that challenge the entire brain!

We want our students to see all the benefits of music, which include:

  • additional outlets for expression and stress
  • better appreciation for art of all genres
  • improved logical reasoning skills
  • development of a goal-oriented work ethic
  • strengthened self-discipline
  • clear sense of achievement and visible improvement over time

We aim to give our students individualised lesson plans, using a variety of technique books to suit each learning style and real repertoire from the earliest possible stages of learning.

We will ensure that students have everything they need to instil concepts with personal practice using written logs of lessons and assignments.

We wish to teach our students to teach themselves, to love practice and to have the tools to maximise limited practice time amidst busy schedules.

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