We believe in the paramount importance of performance when learning an instrument. Channelling nerves in a healthy way builds confidence, and both students and professionals alike are at their happiest and most fulfilled when they can perform something they’ve practised. We strive to hold performance class at least twice per year, and all of our students have the opportunity to perform in these events if they feel ready to do so.

Spring at St Stephen’s Church Dulwich, 20th February 2022, 4pm

We look forward to welcoming students and hearing them perform at St Stephen’s Church yet again! Book your tickets here.

Summer Recital at St Stephen’s Church Dulwich, 6th June 2021, 2pm

We were thrilled to welcome everyone in person for our second recital of 2021. Fourteen of our students performed in the beautiful setting of St Stephen’s Church in Dulwich.

Valentine’s Day Performance Class, 14th February 2021, 5pm

After a long winter, we introduced half term with a Valentine’s Day special performance class. Our students showcased their work during the Winter lockdown during this remote recital, gaining performance experience from their living rooms!

Christmas Carol Celebration, 22nd December 2020, 5pm

To brighten up spirits we organised a special carol-only performance class, sharing Christmas spirit with our students and their families. It was great to see everyone together and triumph over lockdown gloom with festivity and enthusiasm!

Studio Recital, 25th October 2020, 2pm

Our second recital at St Stephen’s Church in Dulwich, this time featuring 10 of our students, aged 6 to 78!

All 60 socially-distant tickets were sold out and it was an absolute joy to see our students, their family and our local community gathered in one place, sharing love for music!

Studio Recital, 16 August 2020, 4pm

In August we presented our first studio recital amidst the pandemic crisis. We were very happy to be able to give our students a chance to perform in public and perform trios with our dear friend Joseph Havlat.

The concert was one of the first events allowed after the government released their restrictions and also the first concert to start of the Sunday series at St Stephen’s Church in Dulwich.

Outdoor Concerts, April and May 2020

We are very lucky to have a beautiful green space nearby, where members of the community can gather at a safe distance and enjoy company during the Covid-19 crisis. We presented West End hits for our first concert, and later we were joined by other musicians in the community for a program of classical, jazz and showtunes.

Studio Recital, 23rd February 2020

This was our first joint recital with out students and it was a great success! We are very grateful to all who participated and thankful to their parents and local residents for supporting their performance. If you missed it, you are welcome to listen to the performance on our Youtube channel!

Christmas Carol Concert, 20th December 2019

Putting together an evening of carols was very rewarding! Despite the late invitation residents of Lammas Green responded well and we had a wonderful time singing together and getting in the proper holiday mood! We will definitely repeat this next year and make it even more festive!

Lammas Day Concert, 4th August 2019

We loved performing as part of Lammas Day, an annual celebration of our local community and its beautiful natural surroundings. We feel very lucky to a community full of people who love music!

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